District 4-A2 2018-2019 Directory

As the new Lion year approaches we are starting to work on the new directory. Please take a minute to review your clubs current entry into the directory and advise of any changes to:

> Name / Spelling

> Phone Number

> Email

> Address

> Club Mailing Address

>>> Any other items that are incorrect or missing

As the new officers are voted on in the coming months we will update each club entry as necessary. Until then please submit any changes to the above or any change to any other section as soon as possible.

Please submit pictures of your club activities, district events or other Lions activities to be considered for placement in the directory directly to cassandra_frates@yahoo.com.

We will be setting a deadline for revisions in the future as the time approaches to finalize the directory.

2018-2019 Directory Changes Form

Thank you for submitting your changes. We will be in contact if any additional information is needed.